Report Copyright Infringement

Theft of our copyright material and intellectual property hurts our business

We are proud of our written work and materials and have invested many years creating the vast world leading suite of materials we have today. We put great energy and effort into being knowledge leaders in what we do. Regrettably this means that from time to time we find our work gets copied or used without permission or license. This hurts our business and impacts our future ability to stay at the forefront of procurement and negotiation excellence.

We invite you to help stop our work being copied or used illegally. If you discover what you know or believe to be our materials, words, graphics or unique models being used or reproduced illegally without permission or without attribution to us then please inform us. You can do this by email us at and we will take action. You can send examples of the materials in question or photographs. If you are able to tell us where you discovered our work apparently being used illegally, by whom (individual or company) and how it was being used, it will help us to take the appropriate action.

Your email will be treated in confidence. However, if you would are happy to discuss the issue with us, please provide your contact details.

Thank you in advance for your help