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The Guided Category Strategy Creator®

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Per user per month
Annual commitment, billed annually (£398.28 Annual cost per user)


Per user per month
Annual commitment, billed monthly (£479.88 Annual cost per user)

Intelligent Workflow


Step-by-step guided navigation through category management, and automation of category strategies using best-in-class frameworks and expert knowledge.


Removes variability across every area of spend.

The built-in Category Strategy Creator allows distribution of plans externally as well as across the business.

A suite of reporting options for different stakeholders.

Built upon 20 years of 5i® category strategy creation.

Goal Focussed


Delivering value aligned to strategic organizational goals via guided pathways. Choose your adventure(s): Sustainability, Cost, Risk and Innovation.


Faster, smarter decision-making and accelerate consistent strategy realization.

A means to deliver sustainability in your supply base.

Agile Strategy Creation


Integrated smart Value Lever application, that delivers your goals with the optimum sourcing strategy.


Identify and seize hidden value.

Removes the reliance on expert practitioners and reduces creation and management time.

Capability Development


Expert video tuition modules providing just-in-time support while working through your category strategies.


Learn while you do.

Effortless and compelling capability development.

Choose your mode - Directed (Capella leads the way) or Advanced Practitioner (you lead the way).

Real-time Benefits Tracking


A range of benefits are tracked and aligned to category strategy progress.


Hard measures of success and positive impact stories for qualititive benefits.

Collaboration Engine


Facilitate global collaboration and implement optimum category strategies. Align your business with a common purpose and way of working.


Make procurement a welcome and embedded partner to every function business-wide.

The strategies are crafted through extensive business collaboration.

Governance Dashboard


Complete management information and view of status and benefits across all category projects.


Assurance of project progress with a time stamped audit log of strategy development.

Delivers confidence in teams producing optimum strategies and realizing targets.