About Capella

The Guided Category Strategy Creator®


Capella will guide you towards creating powerful category strategies that will deliver game-changing value from your supply base.

Capella will help you secure supply into the future, deliver cost savings, mitigate price rises, reduce supply-side risk and drive sustainability in your supply base. Get more value from your supply base for your key categories of spend and ultimately, make procurement a strategic contributor to organizational success

What sets us apart

Capella features true AI; intelligence based on knowledge gained over 20 years of delivering breakthrough category strategies for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

We can engage your entire category team - let Capella guide you based on extensive experience and knowledge, or enable your team to take control and input their own expert knowledge for more bespoke category strategies.


    Capella is brought to you by Positive Purchasing who are industry leaders in strategic procurement and specialist negotiation platforms, training and consultancy.

    Established in 2003, our low-touch, high-impact solutions meet a wide range of needs. We can offer a team-wide procurement transformation program or individual programs in Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Negotiation, Purchasing, Sustainable Procurement and Finance. Each of these is built on a unique proven process and supported by platforms and digital tools, and high-impact learning and development.

    Our Values

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